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Preparing the Saints
This is a Bible Study that will not be a teaching from the opinions, positions, commentaries of men, but rather from the Word of God itself. The goal is to seek Him through the Word of God. Our exhortation to you is to seek answers from the Word of God/Holy Spirit first, before submitting to the teachings of men. This study will prepare you to walk closer to Him by understanding what you've been called into, thus you will walk victoriously through the valley of the shadow of death as an overcomer.
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Adam Michel
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I grew up in a very religious family and went to church every Sunday, but never had a relationship with Jesus Christ let alone read my Bible. I always thought my good would out weigh my wrong so I would make it to heaven based off works. When I got to college away from parental authority I turned my back on God and fell in love with the world. I got caught up in drugs, sex, alcohol and became an atheist. Once out of college I was making money and buying new things, yet felt empty. I was then invited to a Bible study and I thought "why not". It was in this second Bible study that the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to the loving relationship I now have with Jesus. A couple years later I was Baptized in the Holy Spirit and then things really kicked into high gear.

Current Job
Currently I am a visual art teacher at the Cloverleaf School District in Lodi, Ohio. I also serve as a Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church in Seville where I help young people grow in their relationship with Christ by building them up in love. Lastly, I'm president of the Giant Hearts Project, which is a charity that helps communities achieve giant needs through loving them well.

I am happily married to Alaina Michel and a father of 3 amazing daughters Natalie, Evelyn and Lucia. I really enjoy spending my time with family and pouring my heart out in the community around me. It's a blessing to wake up everyday to server a wonderful God and represent Him wherever I go so people can see Him through me.